Inside the Development of Hatfall

Inside the Development of Hatfall

Last week saw the culmination of about half a year's work with the release of Hatfall, the mobile and browser game based on Zero Punctuation.

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Always interesting to see the process and reasoning behind how something was designed.
It does do a good job capturing the spirit of ZP, I think, even if perhaps it's not what people expected.

The random minigames are hilarious. And the wizard is a fun addition too. It was very confusing to begin with, but you get the hang of it if you try.

I find it interesting though, to hear how the core mechanic came about. Such an odd idea. But it works, for sure...

It's a very neat game indeed. Not the kind of game meant to be engaging for several hours, but still put a smile on my face and made me laugh quite a few times while I played. Ideal for the platforms they chose.

On a slightly tangential note, the browser/casual game scenario is way too overlooked and underestimated. Many times I saw "big indies" and even some AAA games take ideas of less known browser games, and they usually get the credits for originality. There is a lot of good stuff there. Not surprising, since it makes for the ideal platform for quick experiments, a game designer's laboratory.

I really liked it, especially the fact that you can replay the mini-games and have a differing experience each time.

Its great! I really love it! Except for that one troll level where the big shadow is the hat, and the smaller one is a killing object!

I 100% agree with Yahtzee on this. Hatfall turned out alright.
Haven't played it since the day it launched, but it was alright.

Interesting article. Kinda hope this is the end of the hype train now, but yeah, it's a fun and entertaining game.

Though I hope that there'll be some minor changes in updated versions - like being able to actually discard gifts, and some instruction about controls. (I liked the fact that the swear jar changed the text messages, and that the glasses changed the screen colour, but I would like the ability to change that back.)

Captcha - 'No stinking badges'; nope, no badges, but a solid gold desk is pretty cool. :)

It definitely had a Frog Fractions vibe to it.

Wait, it's not Frog Fractions 2 is it!?

I got the game on the 7th of July and I really enjoy it ^_^. It has a great flow. It's funny. And really has the Zero Punctuation feel to it. I highly recommend it. Makes for a good travel game or a game to play on the toilet.

I love that game thank you for hyping it in a ZP.

I have a question for Yahtzee:Where can i find these other zero punctuation games? I want to compare them to hatfall and see if they even acknowledge the source material.


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