The Cosplay Closet: Legend of Zelda Cosplay in Your Everyday Wardrobe

Legend of Zelda Cosplay in Your Everyday Wardrobe

How to work Malon from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time into your daily wardrobe.

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I do like how the cosplaying expert went to the effort of aging and distressing her cosplay costume. My number one criticism of cosplay outfits is that people leave the material in an impeccable condition that looks tacky, unworn and unrealistic. If you want your Ezio outfit to look good, beat the shit out of it, wash it a bunch of times, and basically fade the colours out so it doesn't look brand new.

In other news, I only just realised I've been watched Chloe Dykstra only the other day as triple H in a youtube biography of the fictional wrestling character. It's well worth the watch if you've got the time and a fondness for sexy models pretending to be tubby, sweaty men.

Did I just receive the mid digit? I think I did. I'll take it in stride--this time. [smiley face emoticon thing] Great show.

So is there allure to "I am secretly cosplaying one of my favorite characters and you jokers will never know it!"? Or is the allure in the "If one person figures out who I secretly am, then it will make my day!"?


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