Good Bad Flicks: The Nest

The Nest

Exploring the bug horror film The Nest.

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What an absolutely horrible film for everyone involved. There isn't enough petrol in all the world.


I love this film! Seriously, as far as 80's B horror schlock goes, The Nest is one of my faves. And I love me some B horror!

Heh. I remember this one from my teenage days, when they ran this kind of movie on Saturday nights on local TV affiliates. Yes, it's completely ludicrous (roaches becoming what they eat and all), but it's surprisingly entertaining for a low-budget film. And Corman plagued with roaches afterwards? I don't know if that's karma, irony, or both.

100% appropriate responses: burning the house down and freezing to death instead of letting the roaches touch you. >_<

Thanks, fun review as always! :)

Any action you take to put yourself in a position firmly out of reach of a cockroach is a justifiable one.

I don't think I could handle this movie.

Jeez, it must have been hard for Gravelord Nito to find a decent acting role before Dark Souls.

lol. the good old 80s and their practical effects. always looks so goofy but also more disgusting how they have made these slimy monsters/zombies, etc that still look way more believable than any modern movie these days using CGI.
sure, movements dont look that real but still disgusting regardless.

Man I remember this movie scared the crap out of me when I was a kid!


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