The Escapist Presents: Film Festival: Alt+F4

Film Festival: Alt+F4

Video games. Best friends Sam and Matt don't know much else. Eat, Sleep, Game, that's it. Life is pretty simple for a while, until an eviction notice and a pile of bills threaten to turn them out on the street. All seems hopeless until a mysterious letter arrives for Sam and Matt. Winner of an Escapist Film Festival Honorable Mention.

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That was great! No wonder they got honorable mention! I loved the Press X to do stuff bits!

That's some nice stuff guys!

Press X for decent lighting and camera work!

Try again.

hilarious! more alt+f4!

The press X events were probably the best bit. Not bad.

That was a very nice cliffhanger if you guys actually won the contest. I did like the quick time event short. I have to ask it just me or does everyone have a Darth Vader costume but me?

"would we win?"

I see what you did thar :P

I actually thought this was quite good. Wouldn't mind seeing some more.

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Funnier than expected, albeit slow at times. Loved the quicktime event part.

"Press X to make toast."

It really reminds me why the whole idea is so dumb.

A little too slow for my tastes. Man did the BioShock reference take a long time to come into play. I was so lost for most of that part, lol.

Quicktime parodies could've been done a little better, but all-in-all it was a good effort, worth an honorable mention I suppose.

Man, now I want the hat plasmid.

It's good, but very... amateurish. And the framework for the sketches was dull and, ultimately, unnecessary. Well, still interesting.

Also, since when have honorable mentions been being released as stand-alone videos rather than tacked at the end of the Escapist shows? What have I missed?

i see great potential here


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