2-D Zelda in Flash

You guys gotta check out 2-D Zelda in flash (slightly not work safe due to the adult friend finder ads). I'm not sure about the licensing hullabaloo, but this is probably the best thing I've ever seen done in flash. In fact, other than Pandora, it's really the only reason to have flash installed, period.

If someone does this with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, I might never be seen again. Until then, forward my mail to Hyrule.

Original Comment by: Randall Fitzgerald
That was pretty "fresh." It was a bit repetitive and the boss character I fought was pretty rough, especially with that stupid bomb following me all slow. DAMN YOU BOMB!

Now I'll be playing this for the next few hours, so yeah. It's sort of like work! Stop accusing me!

Original Comment by: Patrick Dugan
Another amazingly good Flash game is Metanet software's free title, *N*, a basic platformer thats mega-addictive.


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