These 5 Completely Flawless Comedies Make Men Cry

These 5 Completely Flawless Comedies Make Men Cry

If aliens landed and wanted an example of human comedy at its pinnacle, we'd plop their tentacles down on the couch and show them these films.

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I feel like if I didn't get the title of this series before, I really don't get it now. This is...just a list of decent comedies...I mean unless you have an allergy or something so your eyes get all watered up whenever you see Bill Murray in overalls, I don't get the 'crying.'

On paper Walter Peck is something of a tragic figure, but Willaim Atherton (especially in the 80s) was always typecast as a dick. It's no different with Peck, and instead of being tragic he comes across more as a petty, controlling man that assumes fraud and pays for trying to control something he doesn't understand. I think the smartest thing to do in-story would have been to take him along on a call to catch a ghost; which could have been hilarious, but that's neither here nor there.

Man, I loved Ghostbusters so much as a kid.

No real qualms with the movies overall; now I just need to figure out which one I'm going to watch since mentioning them makes want to fire up the dvd player.

While I still argue Young Frankenstein is Brook's best film, I gotta agree with everything else in this article.

All amazing comedies. All have some detail, either on screen or behind the camera, that is incredibly disheartening. (though, the one on Caddyshack is a bit of a reach)


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