Paper Towns - Manic Pixie Dream Girl No More

Paper Towns - Manic Pixie Dream Girl No More

Paper Towns effectively works to debunk the Manic Pixie Dream Girl character type, as well as provide us a funny and thoughtful teen movie.

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It's weird how John Green spent an entire book decontsructing the idea of a MPDG, but then creates the opposite gendered version in Faunt in Our Stars.

Wooo! I am growing to love Cara Delevingne... from her appearing all across magazines and adverts, to her cute posh accent in GTA V... (Finally, someone bringing the cool posh Brit accent back to the masses! UK ACCEPT ME GODDAMN IT!)

I really want to see this now, and her as the Enchantress in Suicide Squad! :P

EDIT: Bah! Not on UK release until 21st August... Boooo!

Hey...where's that guy that always groans about Marter not lightening up? This is precisely the review he needs to read!

This film is sending out Brick vibes, missing girl...small town, obscure enough to miss if you are an average person. Is there a name for that genre? Pretty sure donnie darko falls in it too, maybe.

Man, I have really have been digging Nat Wolff's overall acting career post-The Naked Brothers Band... and the trailer, alone, really got me to want to see this movie sometime in my future... In the meantime, I probably should finally check out the book, then...


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