Agents of Cosplay: Anime Cosplay & The Great Last Airbender Debate

Anime Cosplay & The Great Last Airbender Debate

How anime has pushed forward the popularity of cosplay.

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Anime, like books, movies, TV shows, music, and video games, is precisely 90% crap. So the real question is: should Korra/Airbender be offended by being called not-anime? I don't consider them anime as I use the more narrow definition (animation from Japan) because it leads to less ambiguity and subjectivity. However, being anime doesn't give one some kind of special cred, I'm not more likely to watch or enjoy something if you call it anime, western animation is in some kind of gold or at least silver age right now and can even be considered more consistently good than the majority of "authentic anime" coming out every season.

So Korra/Airbender fans should be proud of the fact that they are a melding of great art styles, not confining themselves to a single culture or label.

The term "anime" denotes origin, not quality or style. The notion of an anime "look" is a myth; there is no singular visual style for anime. Just compare One Piece to Cowboy Bebop. The argument that Avatar qualifies as anime because of its Eastern influence ignores the Korean, Chinese and Inuit (among others) inspirations for the show.

Labels are silly and arguing about labels is a waste of time. The general feeling i got from the video was that none of the cosplayers cared about the labels.

Holy cow that girl is Korra. Like, straight Korra. Even the voice sounds right.

Sniper Team 4:
Holy cow that girl is Korra. Like, straight Korra. Even the voice sounds right.

I can't tell if she has contacts in, or she's got an amazingly huge set of blues.

Unrelated note: Do you think Liana filmed all her segments in one day, or does she haul out the Black Widow costume every week?

It baffles me every time someone suggests that anime is an art style. The people that make this assertion point to stuff like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z and claim the similarities. My assertion is: aren't Tekkonkinkreet, Doraemon, and Astro Boy ALSO anime? The art direction is way to disparate between them for it to be a term that can apply to an animation style. Country of origin is the ONLY thing I can think of that gives the term ANY value to the English language. Of course, the definition disagrees, and claims the former. Apparently the only stuff that counts as anime is Shonen...


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