5 Game Changing Movies That Make Guys Cry

5 Game Changing Movies That Make Guys Cry

There are some films that are so powerful, so impactful, so definitive that they cease to be films anymore. It's important to remind ourselves how good they are. And remind ourselves how they make us cry.

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Another list, and again you forget one of the biggest. Orson Welles utilized the cameras, sets, actors, etc. in ways never done before to tell the story about the rise from poverty, but fall from grace of the titular character of "Citizen Kane." And, it's lack of inclusion on this list is baffling.

I had a peek at this guy's past columns (which I never encountered until today), and found that it's not just Kane that's missing. A quick look at this reveals that apparently the United States (or at least the Anglosphere) has a monopoly on film production.

Guy-Cry Cinema features no foreign films, ever, even though there are quite a few that are difficult to ignore in the tearjerker department: Kurosawa's Ikiru, Bergman's Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries, all of French poetic realism, and quite a few others I don't remember at present.

Those films are so fantastic that it would be a shame to leave their appreciation to snobs only because the author's main preoccupation is with already-famous popular culture, which popular culture has taken over film discussion to such an extent that it makes me reconsider whether film is worthy of artistic consideration.


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