8 Great Games that Let You Go Medieval

8 Great Games that Let You Go Medieval

If you're into swords and crossbows, these eight games will be right up your alley.

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inb4 people come down on the fantasy entries

I was going to riot if Medieval 2: Total War didn't make the list, but as it is I'm content. Special mention to the Kingdoms expansion for giving a place to the oft-overlooked Northern Crusades, even if the American campaign balanced out by being pretty abysmal.

This list is useless. I already have all of these games. What am I meant to do with this? I demand more!

I always thought of Skyrim as a pre-medieval setting, you know, late Northern European antiquity/Dark Ages.

Ah well.

I also finally saw For a Few Dollars More.

I offer you a cigar, friend.

I played Mount & Blade, but the lack of a story kinda killed my interest in it. I just can't play games that rely on the player making it up as they go along.

For Commanding Armies I would go with Medieval 2 Total war

For Combat I would go the Chivalry Medieval Warfare

For strategy, diplomacy, intrigue I would go with Crusader kings 2

Couldn't fill the quota without 2 fantasy entries. Ouch, shows how much swords and sorcery setting is favored over those with just swords in video games.
Here's hope for Kingdom Come: Deliverance to deliver.

No mention of Stronghold (or the superb Crusader expansion)? For shame!

14 years old, and still one of my favourite strategy/management games, plus one of the things that first sparked my interest in medieval history. I still remember the rainy caravan holiday my stepbrother and I spent playing it on my dad's laptop, designing castles for each other to siege.

Saved the absolute best game by far until last. Good stuff- I approve ;)


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