8 Games You Should Have Already Played in 2015

8 Games You Should Have Already Played in 2015

August is almost upon us, so let's look at some of the best games that have been released so far this year.

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Honorable mention should also go to Monster Hunter 4.

The only one on this list I've played is Pillars of Eternity. I got to the one insane guy in the ruins who after explaining what my character was (I forget the title, but basically I'm like the kid from the 6th Sense) he then wanted to kill me. He then put shields up and curb stomped me. Not fun.

Life is Strange should be on that list too.

I haven't played any of those games....yet. I've heard good things about Grey Goo, so I'll prolly pick that one up sometime. Of all those games BloodBorne seems the most likely to be played this year, if my friend ever finishes playing the damn game.


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