Good Bad Flicks: Puppet Master is Puppet Horror and Very Weird Directing

Puppet Master is Puppet Horror and Very Weird Directing

Going inside one of the strangest exercises in bizarre acting and odd direction you'll ever see. Also, nightmare fuel puppets.

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Torch is awesome. Too bad he only appeared in 2 of the movies. I guess a flamethrower is too heavy for a Puppet Master movie's budget. For me, Puppet Master 3 is the best in the series. It almost completely abandons the horror, actually recasting the puppets as the heroes, but the Nazi vs killer puppets theme is just so cool.

Goddamned Nazis again. Geschütz the Scheiße out of meine Wohnsitz. You'll disturb the talking Batman heads and the turd-vomiting puppets next-door. And that's something nobody wants.

I love this series. It made me a fan of Full Moon. Blade is a fav. Decapitron was interesting. Leech woman, I miss. Six Shooter was awesome with his laugh.

The lore that, I think, makes the Puppets heroic, or villainous based on their master was neat. I'd like to see more of this series, prefrrably still lower budget, and/or in a more classic style as it was in most of the movies.

Man ... I remember watching some of these in "Present Day" ... for some reason, I thought they stopped making them.
Full Moon had a magic for making what should be schlock movies very watchable.
And how did you know I'd be thinking of "The Puppet Masters"? Have you been seeing the old gypsy woman again? o.O


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