5 Nerdy Independent Films That Will Make You Cry

5 Nerdy Independent Films That Will Make You Cry

With so many smaller independent producers tracing their paychecks to the top Hollywood moguls, it's a little harder to tell which films are truly independent and which ones are engineered to look that way.

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Great list of indies. The only true "great" one IMHO is "Reservoir Dogs". As flawed as it is, "Little Miss Sunshine" is 2nd best on this list. You've got me thinking about what Indy movies really chocked me up. I wonder where "The Black Marble" fits in.

I really love Safety Not Guaranteed. Some weirdly sad moments in it. Not cry-cry sad, just sad for the characters.

Also recommended: Another Earth. Ignore the science, and see it through the eyes of a character who had a once-promising life.

..."The Black Marble"...

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