The Cosplay Closet: Flash Cosplay In Your Everyday Wardrobe

Flash Cosplay In Your Everyday Wardrobe

How do you turn skin-tight lycra into a recognizable look?

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Wow that was awesome costume (or is it clothing?)! It does look like what Barry would wear!
Also yeah Converse does look like the idea costime shoe to buy well when it come to my cosplay (Travs from NMH, Dandy from Space Dandy any maybe Kuny Fury as my future cosplay).

The zipper part can be a huge advantage (have you ever try going to the toilet in full costume?) but none the less funny!

Lastly year the latter lightning bolt drawing was alot better (no offence)!

Neat idea, for painting with acrylic on fabric, would it only work on dense materials (canvas, denim maybe) or is is it possible to that with any materials if you wanted make designs on clothing.


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