World of Warcraft Legion Initial Thoughts - Give Us A Reason To Log In Again

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Honestly, this expansion, just like WoD, does not make me want to re-install WoW and boot up my old account. If anything, this is a knee jerk reaction. They dropped below 5 million subscribers. FFXIV's Heavensward has gone up to 7.3 million subscribers. Blizzard is in panic mode right now. And this expansion will be just as half baked, with an equally stupid attempt at trying to reboot the lore THEY destroyed in hopes of getting people to return.

WoD was a very short lived expansion. Only 2 major content patches? Really? ARR at least had 5 major content patches that added far far more than Blizzard ever put in a major content patch. And according to some reviews on youtube, Blizzard began doing what EA loves to do. Delete threats with negative criticism and leaving only white knight threads. I cannot say if the multiple videos are true or not, as I haven't been to WoW's forums since april 2013. But I'm inclinded to believe Activision-Blizzard is following Electronic Art's style.

So my initial reaction at this legion expansion was to roll my eyes. Many of my friends who were playing WoW on the side, are saying forget that game now.

I went back to play for a bit with the last expansion, hoping for some new life, I was wrong, same old grindy shit with irritating dickheads in instances and raids.
I don't have any interest in this one whatsoever. Guess I've grown out of WOW for good this time.

Legion is certainly looking pretty good to me, but what will really make a difference is how Blizzy supports it once it's launched. When WoD was launched, many were calling it WoW's best expansion yet, but Blizzy's lack of support and overall lack of content led to the biggest sub drop in WoW's history.

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