Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Event Horizon - Horror in Spaceeee!

Exploring Event Horizon - Horror in Spaceeee!

Exploring the space horror film, Event Horizon.

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Event Horizon was a very decent Warhammer 40k movie.
And yes, they do go into the Warp and Slaanesh fucks with them.

But Event Horizon didn't influence 40k, it was the other way around. Chaos and Chaos Marines have been around since the Rogue Trader era in the 80s.

I don't like horror.
I don't like horror games, I don't like horror books, and I definitely don't like horror movies.
But I always seem to give sci-fi horror movies like this and Alien a pass.
Sometimes not only a pass, but they end up being some of my all time favorite movies.

This movie also seems like it could be used as some sort of unofficial Doom prequel, and that gets bonus points from me.

But Event Horizon didn't influence 40k, it was the other way around. Chaos and Chaos Marines have been around since the Rogue Trader era in the 80s.

Yeah, the first Realms of Chaos was published in 88. So it has about a decade on the film.

Genuinely one of the most underrated movies of its time and holds up relatively well today.


But Event Horizon didn't influence 40k, it was the other way around. Chaos and Chaos Marines have been around since the Rogue Trader era in the 80s.

1988 to be precise, with the release of Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness, which introduced Chaos as we know it to both 40K and Fantasy. They were also not the first to use the space gothic aesthetic; that came in with the regular space marines in the 1985 release of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader.

Remember watching this in the cinema. Really good movie.

This movie fucked with me so hard. I honestly don't know why I watched it, I have a very low tolerance for movie gore, and this movie has some of the creepiest gore I've ever seen in a movie. I had difficulty sleeping afterwards. It's a good movie, but way too hardcore for me.

Love Event Horizon.

I remember watching it on VHS and it fucked me up for days after watching it. Probably one of my absolute favorite horror movies, and I watch it every now and then.

Incredibly creepy and brilliant.

This is such a good horror movie. Trading in eye-rolling jump scares for actual horror is what made it great. The creeping, unstoppable horror that you know is coming and can't do anything about is almost always better than relying on some cheesy "gotcha" moments. While Event Horizon is no masterpiece it still ranks as one of the most solid horror genre pieces I've ever seen. Body horror that plays into your own angst beats the hell out of splattery fountains of guts for this kind of film and Event Horizon sets that angst up wonderfully. I love it!

Capcha: It's super effective

You're telling me!

I like to think of Event Horizon as a spiritual sequel to the much older, smaller movie From Beyond


They both explore the whole "transdimensional shit fucks you up" theme and do a good job with the gore and body horror elements.

I want to genuinely like this movie. I really do. But to this day, I can't tell if this is a great movie concept brought down by a lot of stupid moments, or a cheesy idea elevated by some decent moments. Warp as a terrible thing? Great idea. Possessed spaceship? Makes more sense than a haunted house when you think about it. And there are some effective effects, scares, and gore moments and a number of decent performances. But then the stupid hits - characters who a moment ago realized the ship was messing with their minds suddenly start being stupid (the old "separating and wandering off" clichés). And space logic is pretty flimsy here. I know that the Event Horizon was built more for being scary than practical, but the design doesn't make any practical sense.

Still, I tend to think of it as a guilty pleasure. If you can ignore the numerous issues, it's not bad. I just don't think it's some unappreciated classic.

Easily my favorite warhammer 40 000 movie, exploring the origins of warp travel when humanity is but beginning to explore the stars.

Seriously though, Event Horizon was a film I always liked, shame to hear it didn't do too well in the theaters.

Also boo to wussy test audiences who don't like gore and almost made it into a pg-13 film.

An underrated classic. First time I saw it was on HBO at 2 AM on a school night at a friend's house while flicking through channels and stopped because I saw Sam Neill. If not for that random snooping, I probably wouldn't have heard about it for years, which is a damn shame. Even if the film doesn't always get the recognition it should, its been a huge inspiration to many which has led to things better than the film itself, such as the aforementioned Dead Space.

An interesting look at a great film but the presentation needs a lot of work with regards delivery and/or editing. It just sounds like a breathless rattling off of bullet points. It's far too easy to zone out of the monotony.

Great movie (even though i hate Horror). It captured a spark that went beyond the typical setup. And to hear, that the movie was riddled with problems, i think there is something true about the saying, that creativity comes from scarcity.
Watch this and the Anime "Beserk" for a truly miserable night. Both messed with me way too much. But then again, i found the body horro of "Hobo with a shotgun" too much for my liking.

I love Event Horizon, and I love the Mortal Kombt movies (but the first was far better than the sequel), but I can only ask one thing: What in front-flipping FUCK happened to Paul W.S. Anderson? Did he climb the hack tree one day, fall, and hit every branch on the way down? As good as his early stuff his, as far as I'm concerned for what he's done to Resident Evil, he should be force-fed a large sock filled with horse manure while every RE fan watches with a bag of poprcorn.

And before anyone rebuts it, the worst Resident Evil game is better than the best Resident Evil "movie."

One of my all-time favorite sci-fi horror movies. It's right up there with Alien and The Thing.

I think I need to make a habit out of watching the films covered by the Exploring vids.

I recently watched the four Alien films, so I'm both in the mood for Sci-Fi Horror, and I'm interested in revisiting Dead Space. After I eventually watch Event Horizon, I could see whether Dead Space comes off as better and more atmospheric which I just couldn't the first time round.

watched it certainly 10 times. having a different cut would be interesting to watch. the only version i was able to get was a 2 dvd special edition with a long making of on it. so most of the details mentioned in this video was really new to me. didnt know about the reediting part though.

great movie i can certainly recommend to anyone who likes a good horror space.

One of my favourite sci-fi horror movies of all time. Probably one of the most underrated movies ever.

Oddly enough, the images the stuck with me most from this film, weren't the shots of the hell dimension. They were the ominous shots of the core that frequently sent feelings of dread into me.

For the chaos warhammer it all starts with a boardgame called rogue trader.

A question on Event Horizon, is it me or the girl who makes it to the end looks pregnant after the ordeal?

A question on Event Horizon, is it me or the girl who makes it to the end looks pregnant after the ordeal?

If she is then the implications of that are bone-chilling.

Always loved this movie, one of my favourites. I second the ominous shots of the core, that worked really well. Need to watch it again now :D

Without doubt one of the best sci to horrors out there. Solid performances and some really heavy feelings of dread. I actually quite like the really short Hell scene- it might be one of those things where less is more and you get that sense of 'Oh God did I just see what I think I saw?' If you longer too long you run the risk of looking kinda cheesy.

I...saw this movie as a kid.

Right fucked me up, I'll admit. Nightmares for days.

I'm not a horror fan. Total coward, actually. I hate gore filled slasher type flicks too. But this one-

Something about it. I don't know what it is, but I was simultaneously repulsed and intrigued by it way back then. Even now, I'm of two minds about the film. There's just this undercurrent of perverse fascination that goes along with the revulsion and fear.

It's kinda like The Thing for me, I suppose.

That feeling of perpetual loneliness intermingling with mounting dread. Good stuff.

I wish they made horror movies these days, not the PG13 torture porn borefests we get.

Saw this on VHS when it was first released and it's one of those movies that stuck for me forever. My sister was 10 at the time we watched it and it didn't do her sleeping habits any favors, but even today when she sees Dead Space, or me playing Warhammer she'll go "reminds me of Event Horizon". It's a good flick.

Do you see? DO YOU SEE?!

I liked the movie then and now you can color me impressed.

I just saw this movie just a few hours ago on IFC... and I agree with Miller: "Fuck this ship!" Also, I was hoping that Cooper would make it after the bomb went off...

Other than that, I thought the religious symbolism was as coincidental as the homages to Hellraiser and The Shinning and the news about what was going on during production of this particular movie just boggles my mind that this could have been a way better movie in general... Then again, as my first time watching it, I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish with certain scenes throwing me for a loop like the sodomy portion of the found video of the previous crew...

Great Movie and as a W40K nut, before GW butchered everything that was good about it, all I have to say is this:

This movie isn't inspired by the W40K universe, it takes place in W40K and perfectly showcases what happens when a ship goes inside the raw chaos of the Warp without a Gellar field and a Navigator.

I will always use it as brilliant example of how to incorporate science into movies: It lays down its concept very early on uses a good analogy with minimal jargon... then totally ignores it for the rest of the movies. So many sci ficks ruin themselves by being over-reliant on stuff that makes fuck all sense.

Oh man, I loved this movie. It was weird, I honestly didn't find it that scary, but I still found the whole thing incredibly enjoyable.

Also, I agree that it didn't influence Chaos from WH40K, but the plotline of "Homeworld: Cataclysm" is an almost word for word recap of the plot of the movie:


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