8 Bit Philosophy: Why Do We Take Selfies?

Why Do We Take Selfies?

Why do we take selfies?

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Sadly people seldom view their selfies in a introspective and learning manner.

PS. great episode once again!

So in short: we're a bunch of self-absorbed, self-important attention whores? Sounds about right. :P

I just plain don't take selfies. In the past 8 months (so "all of this year so far") I've only taken two pictures of myself, both of which were me in my uniform for my new job to send to my mom as a "hey look, I got a better job!"

I feel really uncomfortable taking selfies in public, because I don't want to appear vain to those around me.

the confession ceremony is not to cleanse someone but to sell indulgences. while indulgences got removed the tradition remained.

also i think you are reading far too much into a simple act of vanity.


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