8 Great Collectible Card Games You Can Play on PC

8 Great Collectible Card Games You Can Play on PC

If you're a fan of great card games, deck building, or tournament play, you should check out these eight great digital CCGs.

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I never understood a video game version of a card game. Surly the entire point of the card game was to simulate a giant epic battle in a time before video games could? Why make a card game video game when you can just make a video game of what's happening in the card game itself.
Its like making a 40k PC game about playing the tabletop game, or a turn based D&D game where you just play basic D&D with paper and d20s.
Its just mind-numbingly backwards.

Dismissing board/tabletop games seems a bit unfair.
I ones even played played a LAN version of Texas Hold'em. (Ok, that one doesn't make any sence to me either.)

But take Magic: the Gathering.
If you never played it before, getting in to MtG from scratch would be a big challenge(to big for some).
Magic: Duels gives new players a good tutorial on the basic to get started and maybe even win a game or 2.
Where if he went to a Friday night magic event in the local gameshop he wouldn't even make it to turn 3 of his first game.
But to be fair, the other players are more than happy to help you on deck builds and overall tactics. (after they beaten you to a pulp)

Also inviting a friend to a game is for a lot of people way more convenient then coming over to meet them.

But even how close Magic: Duels comes to the card game, it doesn't quite feel the same.
So i don't expect the digital version to replace the tabletop version any time soon.

Sadly Chron X doesn't have the presence it once had, being the first online CCG. You can still play it however.

I used to be a HUGE fan of UrbanRivals, the browser based MMOTCG, until I realised the embarrassing amount of money I was sinking into desperately collecting the cards. Then I had to go cold turkey and ensure that I never play a game with compulsive desire to collect an unachievable ammount of things again.

The game was good though... a surprising amount of depth for such a simple game. It started off as a simple guessing game of TopTrumps style play, but eventually became a game of deception and bluffing. It really was quite addictive.

I still have my account though... I wonder if there is a way of selling it. I have a shit tonne of rare, now unobtainable (outside of trade)limited edition and special edition cards that are probably worth quite a lot.

EDIT: I just went back onto my account. I haven't been on in years, and although 4 new clans have appeared in which I haven't got any of the cards for, I still have 80% of the cards in the game! :S I really did sink a lot of money into this!


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