NecroVirus Makes the Dream of 3D Printed Board Games A Reality

NecroVirus Makes the Dream of 3D Printed Board Games A Reality

BoardCraft seeks to be a 3D and 2D Printed portal for gamers across the globe to customize and build games using a standardized system.

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Hey this sounds like a cool idea. Realease a game as normal, then an optional 3D printing design to print and play at home!

Although... will that be enough to encourage me to splash out on a 3D printer in which I have no other use for? Not at this time.

But hey... the future is coming!

Jon did a "quick" presentation of this at the end of last weeks twitch-livestream.

While the set is bulky, pricey and lengthy (in initial setup and rules explanaition to first timers a.k.a. the entire stream audience), many things can be offset and the (game)system's potential is intriguing.
The bulk and price is surely manageable if you manage to milk virtually 5 regular board games out of it, due to its modular nature. Also - to quote Jon - the set should be delivered with a quick skirmish rule set. That should increase accessibility.
Since you get access to the 3d-printer files, they can be modified; which turns this setup into a
"rapid-game creation-prototype" set.

So, yep, this got potential.

>In the end, NecroVirus feels like part proof-of-concept, part game.

Necrovirus: The Quake 3 of board games.


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