8 Videogame Crossovers that Would Be Awesome

8 Videogame Crossovers that Would Be Awesome

There are some videogame franchises that just seem tailor made for a mashup, like these eight examples.

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And these are all TERRIBLE gaming crossover ideas. The problem is that the choices made are basically so close to one another that any crossover would be negligible, not just in narrative genre but also in gameplay genre. Tomb Raider and Uncharted are just genderswaps, Silent Hill and RE are both survival horror games (the former being subtler, Jacob's Ladder psychological horror while RE is more George Romero before going into survival action in the later entries), while ME and Star Trek are both space-themed, though ME is just more sweary. That's not how videogame crossovers should work.

Which is why I have to bring up what I said in the gaming spinoffs gallery awhile back: that a gaming crossover should be as disparate as possible in order to not only show the differences between the franchises, but also finding ways to marry the two vastly different styles in gameplay and setting. And of course I once again bring up Nintendo's examples of Hyrule Warriors and Genei Ibunroku. With the former you're taking a normally exploration/puzzle-heavy fantasy adventure franchise and trying to make it work with a hack and slash franchise that is known for its large-scale battles and multitude of characters. Meanwhile Genei Ibunroku had to figure out a way to fuse the Japanese culture-heavy SMT RPG series with the Fire Emblem franchise. Not an easy undertaking, but that disparity has clearly allowed them to create something truly unique instead of just a boring "oh that's kinda funny" moment that is swiftly forgotten.

No, damn it! Just because two games are similar doesn't mean they'd make good cross-overs! Pokemon and Animal Crossing would be a terrible cross over.
Here, take these: Silent Hill and Five Nights at Freddy's, Resident Evil and Space Marine, Star Trek and Spore, Lara Croft and Shadow of the Colossus, Bioshock and City:Skylines, This War of Mine and Splatoon, Dungeon Keeper and Amnesia.

See? Those are games that together actually add to either the story or the gameplay, nut just games that are similar.

Hell I already did a thread on games that could be in the same universe! Just look at that if you want similar games. Crossovers need to be fun, not just similar.

I've been wanting to see a proper Mario and Sonic crossover for years.

I'd actually like to see a Lara Croft and Uncharted game and have those two raid some temples together. Could be fun watching those two have banter back and forth, and Sully be someone because Sully.

Also, I've been wanting a Marvel and DC crossover for a good while now. Have it done like in the fashion of Mortal Kombat vs. DC, and I would play the shit out of it.

The rest could be fun, but those two would be the ones I'd throw all the money at. :D

As other people have said I don't think a crossover works just because of mechanical similarity, ideally the two worlds or characters used have something to contrast and compliment each other or interact through lore somehow. It works as a chance to give characters comment on a different situation
For example

It expands on both properties, and probably also helps it's short.

Also since this looks like an invitation for new ideas here's one

Shepard and Friends crash onto an alternate universe version of earth where instead of everything being fabulous Fallout happened, the normandy crew have to deal with a world with less tech and where people are desperate as opposed to boyed up by all that progress and optimism.
See you have two franchises that look at humanity one where stuff goes great and another it most certainly didn't there's potential there. Also both are series with pretty strong characters so there's potential for radically different view points off each other.

The only one on the list that I don't agree with is the Star Trek and Mass Effect one. No matter how hard I try, I just can't see that one going well. In my head they're just too different on too many levels.

And that Resident Evil and Silent Hill crossover...at first I thought it was a bad idea. But then I sat and thought about it, and it grew on me. If that was done right, I think it could be the shot in the arm that both series need (sadly, Silent Hill is dead now, but let's just pretend).
I mean, all the RE characters are hardened killing machines at this point. They can stare giant monsters in the face and smirk while they spout out one-liners. The concept of 'fear' doesn't exist for them anymore. But throw them into Silent Hill, and I'm pretty sure these character would start falling apart. It would be great to see Leon actually terrified, or Chris booking it with a real sense of "Oh crap, I'm going to die!" for a change. The RE characters have seen some serious stuff now, and I'm sure Silent Hill would have no problem playing around in their heads. It would be tricky though, because making them too weak would be an insult to them and RE, but making it so they can just gun everything down would just turn it into another RE game.
Disagree on the Wesker and Pyramid Head part though. It would be neat to see Wesker gloat, run up and punch Pyramid Head with all his might, only to have PH not even flinch, and then we finally get to see Wesker go, "Oh no..." before he's violently killed, but I wouldn't want to see a drawn out fight between these two. It'd be too much I think.

GTA/Ace Attorney crossover might be cool. Or even better, Saint's Row / Ace Attorney, to have two mad universes come together.

I think someone may have mistaken "the coolest crossover" with "the closest equivalent." ;)

I'd actually like to see a Lara Croft and Uncharted game and have those two raid some temples together. Could be fun watching those two have banter back and forth, and Sully be someone because Sully.

As long as there is no pointless love story to detract from what could be a fun story of friendly rivalry!

There could even be a co-op 2 player mode that allows you to share or dastardly steal the prize from your friend last minute.

Hearing Drake comment on Laras reduculous climbing frame gym room (which is bigger than most people's houses) would be good too!


Also, I've been wanting a Marvel and DC crossover for a good while now. Have it done like in the fashion of Mortal Kombat vs. DC, and I would play the shit out of it.

Have you read any of the comics? Batman vs Punisher is always a favourite of mine!

A Star Wars/Mass Effect crossover would be pretty cool. I'd love to see how well a Reaper can do against a Star Destroyer or a Super Star Destroyer.

Shouldn't a cross-over generally result in a new and interesting mix, instead of two the same being thrown together to make one big the same?

Like Amaterasu from Okami helping Leon fight el Gigante in Resident Evil 4. Now that's a cross-over!

Technically there a Ratchet/Jak crossover with Sly tossed in for good measure.

We don't speak of that game...ever. It was a dark time for everyone.

The last two I can agreed on but the rest? Not so much, Star Trek and ME are way too different despite both are space theme and MGS plot/ story is way over the top to fit in with Splinter Cell.
As for Street Fighter, personally I want them to have a cross over with the DoA franchise like imagine Chun Li vs Kasumi?

I think that crossing either Silent Hill or Resident Evil with F.E.A.R. could be successful.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Splinter Cell should have its cross-over with in house Assassin's Creed. Some missing records show that Desmond gets into the Animus and becomes Sam Fisher.


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