Blue Review: Mo-Fi Headphones, Yeti Microphone and Accessories

The Radius II does the job.


Given it is, effectively the only game in town, that's probably all you need to know. But it's expensive and still struggles with the weight of the Yeti. I would expect this more from a third-party device than a brand-name accessory.

Blue Review: Mo-Fi Headphones, Yeti Microphone and Accessories

We take a look at Blue Microphone's Mo-Fi headphones, Yeti microphone, Radius II shock mount, and The Pop windscreen.

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Note: there are "spider shockmounts" available that fit the Yeti, but these mounts sit on your desk and cannot attach to a mic stand

The main (and imho, superior) contender as replacement for the Radius II does affix to a standard mic stand/boom...


I had always heard that the Yeti mic was firmly planted in the best bang for buck category. For some strange reason I want one. I have no need or use for one but the desire is still there. Very strange.

Previous analog headphones that I'd plug into my computer had to be turned up to max volume just to be loud enough for everyday use

Weird, never really noticed that myself except with headphones specifically intended for amps. My current Ultrasone HFIs work fine on 20% volume, and at max volume from the PC theyre loud enough to listen to like a speaker from a meter or two away.

Just pick an impedance suitable for the intended use.


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