Going Indie, One(ish) Game at a Time

Going Indie, One(ish) Game at a Time

The sheer magnitude of the indie scene makes exhaustive coverage inconceivable, but we at The Escapist see no harm in trying.

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I understand this is just a teaser, but I hope you do make a habit of going into more detail about the indie games you're looking at in future installments. This is a promising premise.

Lemme introduce to you somebody, who for a long time did basically this, playing unheard of games and shining a small spot light on them. (he has moved away from them recently but fully intends to back to them)

Just so it's stated, I am no way connected to this person or get anything from linking you to him ... he lives in America and I reside in the UK for example.

So without further ado, I bring to you ... Rockleesmile.

I'd say you could use this as a jumping off point or whatever, watch a few games and those that you like you can look into yourself.

Personally, I am not a fan of indies but I like what they do for gaming. I like how they move the medium forward, they come up with an idea, it blows up and the big guys take notice and incorporate elements into their own games.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this series.
Some of my favorite games over the past few years have been indie developed titles.

This should be a fun series! I'm sure there are plenty of indie devs who would jump on the chance to do interviews, if you wanted to add that to the mix. The pay-what-you-want game development bundle you had on Escapist deals last week was fantastic too, so thanks for that! I know this article is just a snapshot, but I'm looking forward to more.

I understand this is just a teaser, but I hope you do make a habit of going into more detail about the indie games you're looking at in future installments. This is a promising premise.

Absolutely! The teasers included here are just a sample of what I've been spending pretty much every single hour of my personal time playing recently. I'm planning to have the first full entry up this week, but I'm still deciding which of the games to feature.

Sometimes, we'll be talking about just one game, which will likely be 400-600 words, to offer a bit more detail on the experience. I'll also likely be doing some roundups, like, for example, "4 Couch Co-Op Indies That Will Make You Hate Your Friends" and stuff along those lines. Details for each would be shorter, 300ish words, but would allow us to show off several games at once, if they fit nicely together.

Full disclosure: This series is not about critique. We might mention things we don't like about a game, but the series is exclusively for games we're enjoying, rather than indie titles we want to offer harsh criticism of. I'm firmly of the opinion that garbage indie games don't deserve coverage, good or bad, since they're responsible for the ever-increasing difficulty in finding the good ones. There are way too many good ones to waste time bashing the bad ones anyways.

As I mentioned in the article, if you've got suggestions, shoot us a note at [email protected] with some specifics, and I'll check it out!

My gaming habits have almost done a 180 since I began in '95.
Most games were bought in the store and a large amount of the space made available was always going to be triple A.
Then there was odd little sharewares and throwaways like Jump'n'bump, Quadnet, Cyberdogs & C-dogs, etc.

Nowadays my games consist almost entirely out of indie games with the rare triple A game thrown in.
I've found lots of great ones. Some became successes even before they reached v 1.0 and others just fizzled out.

I could make a little list of those I've found interesting (and promising) but I don't know how much interest there would be in 4X's and what I like to call Builders, which is a mix ranging from Terraria-style to Dwarf Fortress-style.
I also keep an eye on Space-Sims, mostly 2D top-down like EV Nova.

I've also got a list you could make a "Lost Potential" article out of. ,)


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