Sinister 2 - An Evil Horror Movie, But Not for Those Reasons

Sinister 2 - An Evil Horror Movie, But Not for Those Reasons

Sinister 2 is another cash-grab horror movie that's filled with jump startles and cynicism.

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Good review; pretty much confirmed what I thought when I saw the bit in the trailer where the guy closes his eyes, opens them again and, oh no!, its the ghost guy! The horror movie equivalent of peek-a-boo or a jack-in-the-box. Shame, I actually thought that the first movie was a decent thriller; always a bugger to see potential squandered.

So the scariest thing here is that someone actually named their child "Dartanian". Which is both pretentious and illiterate...

Oh shame. I was positively surprised by the first film (Ethan Hawke is always a bonus too). But horror sequels to a well sold first film always comes with the subthought; cashgrab. Which I do try to shake off to avoid the "cynical-British-man-cliché." But then they have to go and prove that instinct right, every time. And I return to my national-cliché chains. Oh they weigh so heavy on me. Oh shame!

Captcha: Mordern Love. Well, I guess you have a point there, Cappy.

Think I smell a cult classic when it hits DVD/Blu-Ray. Judging by the review, this seems like it might be the type of "bad" horror movie that gathers a bit of a following down the line.

Or it could just be a steaming pile of shit, only time will tell. :P


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