Until Dawn Review - Choose Your Own Demise

Until Dawn Review - Choose Your Own Demise

The best part of Until Dawn is when you fail. That's when people start to lose their heads - by means of decapitation.

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I get the funny feeling that I can (and so often do) have a much better time just imagining all the possibilities of death to various people than spending almost 45 hard earned quid on a slower, clunkier, restricted, someone-elses-idea of how it should go down. The best part is your friends can be part of the fun! And you can even be your choice of serial killer. Including yourself! Ok, perhaps I have given away too much of a corrupt, psychological state. Just ignore everything above. Unless, you wanna donate?
Would have been interesting to have a choice of killers...perhaps even like the Cabin in the Woods(not a spoiler, leave me alone!).

Sounds like one of those fairly interesting premises that really just don't lend themselves to the gaming medium. Interactivity between the player and the game sounds clunky and ultimately an unnecessary hindrance to a concept that could be better as a movie or a novel.

That said, it IS a game and seems to be a fairly interesting one, in spite of its shortcomings. I'll probably check it out when it comes down in price, it just needs to be approached with the same mindset that you approach a Telltale game: be there for the experience and the plot, don't expect your choices to change their plot that much. Enjoy it for what it is.


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