Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Sinister - No Cheap Jump Scares

Exploring Sinister - No Cheap Jump Scares

Celebrating the production of good horror that isn't just cheap jump scares.

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If the same studio released Ouija, it can't be all that surprising that Sinister 2 ended up like it did.

Also, brilliant one-word review: here's more elaboration for those interested.

I like that they actually used an 8mm camera instead of faking the look with effects, I hate that. I agree with what you said about caring for the characters, it seems most horror films these days feature bunch of insufferable assholes partying and trying to have sex which makes me want them to die as soon as possible.

Oh, and that's a sweet M43 jacket, Mr. Derrickson.

maybe i should give it a try after all. thought that its nothing special so i didnt bother getting it. i think i saw it for a good price at my local dvd store, so maybe i give it a try if its not too expensive.

This is hands-down my favorite horror film in the last decade. It has so far been the only one since The Grudge to so unnerve me and even though I'm 28, I have made it a point to watch every mainstream horror movie I can- it's my favorite genre. The reason for my love is exactly what is said in the video, no really, every single reason given is why I love this movie. It doesn't rely on gore, it doesn't rely on jump scares (there ARE a couple, but not to the extent reviewers said there were- there's like, 3 of them in the whole movie) and it does something I wish more media would do in horror: involve kids in either peril or as the murderers.

I get why this movie doesn't work for a wide range of audiences: it's legitimately disturbing, again without going to the grotesque shock extent A Serbian Film and Martyrs did (both of which I like for just how hilariously, absurdly violent they are) and it DOES NOT end on any semblance of a happy note, it ends on a crushing bleak payoff that basically was all foretold from the beginning like the video said. I also understand that for many modern audiences out there, the lack of jump scares and dumbass characters literally written to die in as gory a way as possible might not be something they're accustomed to/condition by the film industry for. Every death in Sinister has already happened and they're not some idiot trying to get laid or get high, they're families, with a house and a dog, loving families all murdered together with no retribution and no hope for justice, again, something that modern audiences aren't accustomed to seeing horror movies.

There is a reason Cabin in the Woods (and Until Dawn) exist and that is that there is still a sad surface of camp left that resides on the horror genre by its B-movie roots and also that even still, the "best" horror movies today, as in best by the internet and reviewer standards, are teenagers trying to get laid, getting laid or just being teenagers. It Follows is a recent example of this- a movie that is an allegory for losing your virginity, a staple of horror movies, no original idea beside the succubus/incubus demon that stands in as a walking, brute personification of STDs. Again, think of Halloween, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, it's an extremely old trope and by now it's a trope horror should have shaken and evolved into dealing with stories such as Sinister, the fear of the unknown and the fear of losing your children, the fear of night and the fear that you can't protect your family.

Oh and the soundtrack for Sinister, mai gawd! It makes me weak in the knees with how great of a horror soundtrack it is. It is the sound of disturbing chants, it is a sound meant to bother you on a spiritual level (even if you're not spiritual at all) and make you think you're now hexed by hellish ghouls. The movie wouldn't have left such a effect on me as it did without the amazing soundtrack that it has.

Seriously, if you haven't seen Sinister, please go watch it. I understand it might not be your bag but it might surprise you! It surprised me when I watched a double feature of it and It Follows two months ago. Guess which one I love more...

I literally just watched this movie before watching this video (upon your request) and...

Man, it's like The Babadook all over again, a film I heavily underestimated due to the poster cover on Netflix and it's crappy description, turns out to be pretty damn good and even scarier than I though and all without showing much gore!

I absolutely agree that the final jumpscare was definitely out of place, it didn't ruin the film for me, but it was like reading Hamlet and the final monologue ends with "Women am I rite?".

The scene with the kids running around the house reminded me a lot of Devil's Backbone and that one I actually saw in theatres back then :)

Great film and great video, from what I could gather at the end of the video, it's a shame the second one didn't turn out as good as the first one, keep it up!

Caramel Frappe:
They're short lived too, because what will happen after? It feels cheap, rather then a clever film strategy or plot device to enhance the experience.

You definitely should see Sinister then, it does have jumpscares, but they feel earned and aren't cheap in any way, there's real tension building in this film and oh boy does it deliver in spades.

All with minimum amount of gore, except maybe the final scene.

Give it a watch!, it's pretty darn good! :)

dude blow out came out in 1981 didn't it

The best thing about Sinister 2 is that it's making people talk about Sinister 1. I loved the first one and consider it one of the best horror movies to come it in the past while but it never got much recognition. The sequal was really really bad though.

Didn't know I was capable of respecting Ethan Hawke much more, but it has just happened. This is an interesting episode on a film more people will benefit by talking about. If the placenta that is the sequel can achieve such a thing, then it has some use at least. Just try not to think of the wasted budget.

Gods, I love this series, it's great! Went and watched the whole lot on your channel.

After hearing how hopeful you were in this one and watching the episode you did for Sinister 2, it's even more of a shame that the films have been potentially killed after so much effort was put into them by the cast and crew. Damn studio meddling.

well, just watched it 5mins ago and it was OK. creepy and suspenseful but not as creepy as the original jap version of the grudge.
now i need to find babadook. for some reason my store doesnt even have it or on their system. which is kind of weird since the movie came out last year.

So, after weeks of waiting to get a chance to see this movie, I finally did... albeit off the Syfy channel... Regardless, I ended up loving the fuck out of this movie mainly because I got so invested with Oswald's true motives for continuing his little investigation for his next book... I had no idea how much practicality was used even during overlapping footage, the music ended up being something I never thought I would enjoy outside of the movie in general, and I kinda agree that the final jumpscare didn't make sense when compared to the rest of the movie since the fear mostly came from the 8mm films than from Bagul, who was more of the initial fear [the movie gives you] manifested into a physical form metaphorically speaking...

Other than that, it sucks that the sequel doesn't really carry on the fear that the first movie started... I mean, new family, new kid, new same fear that encapsulates both the MC in the sequel as well as the audience... Also, fuck you, executives, for not taking on the fear head-on...


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