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Disney Infinity

From the company that legally owns your childhood comes the best plan to sell dolls to men since G.I. Joe!

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This just made me realize how utterly despicable the whole thing is.

"Anything I can imagine" Soooo...Tony Stark seducing Mrs. Parr, then getting into a fight with Mr. Incredible as Black Widow slits Violet's throat as Thor and Drax the Destroyer cut off Dash's legs...

that happens?...'cause that's a great Lego game!

I did the math and if you were to buy every character currently available it'd cost over $3,000.

And that's just the characters, never mind the actual game, the playsets, and the power-pogs.

"And last, but definitely least importantly of all, the game itself."

Yep. Here's a fun thing to do: Go into a gaming forum and ask what Disney Infinity is. Count how many posts it takes before somebody actually describes a game rather than a DLC model. Or better yet, find a gaming forum that already has a Disney Infinity thread and count how many posts they go without describing the game. The one at The Allspark is at 500 and counting!

I've got a lot of respect for the disney infinty/ skylander's business model. Captilizing on childrens wants, parents weaknesses and adult's collecting desire and nostalgia.

Actually thinking about it, wait, not respect, the other thing. Contempt and faint horror. Thats the one.

This just made me realize how utterly despicable the whole thing is.

I realised that when I saw what Skylanders had done to Spyro.

Yes, I am suggesting I was against this kind of thing solely because of butt-hurt fanboyism of PS1-era Spyro. Shame we definitely did not get any PS2 games though.

Eh, it's fun. My girls are 5 and they love it; though sometimes they just put Anna and Elsa on the thingy and play hide and seek. The price is daunting, sure, but I don't think I've ever paid full price for any of the toys, everywhere they were buy one get one free and massive discounts on the sets. It's also worth mentioning that the toys are also very nice little statuettes of the characters and the girls play with them along with their other toys too*; I mean, at least you get the toy!

* For some reason Hulk, Venom and Captain America are the most popular non-disney characters with them, but I'd say Hulk is in the top 5 of all of the characters.


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