Judging By The Cover: Hitman Agent 47 - Copy Paste

Hitman Agent 47 - Copy Paste

Adventures in copy paste.

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Best video yet.

Wow, that was actually really good. Great job finding all the clones and reflection problems.
Lets just say it was all in the Matrix, yeah?

I think that was the strongest ending just yet :P

What a truly godawful poster.

Those are just the best.

Yahtzee, my trust in you shall never waver!
Every time I think you might be losing it a bit (more accurately; spreading it too wide) you come up with something new and hilarious!!!

This was truly excellent, thanks for the laughs.
*Hums: dududu-dudududu*

This is the first time Yahtzee's made me laugh out loud in months.

Dudududu-duduh-du dudududuh-dudu...

That little tune he was dum-dumming to himself just made this video. Glad to see this series is still going strength to strength.

What was the tune Yahtzee was doo-ing while looking for all the copy-past work in the second poster? It was quite uplifting. And I lol'ed at the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" bit with the title in the second poster. It's amazing what you don't notice until someone points it out to you, like Agent 47's lack of a neck.

Definitely the best yet, these keep getting better and better.

How much is the Escapist paying Yahtzee?

Invasion of the Mirror Universe!

I really love the "wait a minute..." and the little bit of humming.

Interesting that he can even fit in something to say about negative spaces!

that was hilarious. nailed it. the copy/past part just cracked me up.
awesome video. cant wait for the next one.

For some reason I was picturing The Price Is Right every time Yahtzee started up with that tune... "Agent 47, you just won a new car!!" *cue Yahtzee*

This movie now has to be retitled "The invasion of a mirror universe" and be about people copying themselves.

Dat ending tho XD

I would love it if he did some CD cover art, not sure how to suggest it but here


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