Agents of Cosplay: BioWare Cosplay - This Is My Favorite Cosplay On The Citadel

BioWare Cosplay - This Is My Favorite Cosplay On The Citadel

Why do BioWare characters resonate with cosplayers and players alike.

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Listening to that Shepard girl go on about how the Commander is such a commanding, take-charge figure makes we wonder if there's a AoC episode on that kind of protagonist in the pipeline. It's always surprising to me how often people identify with those blank slates and insist that the character is one way or another, when odds are good anyone that devoted has played the game more than once and has seen that there is almost nothing about Commander Shepard that is actually a stable part of the character.

Wow, damn that Ed the sock, that is one lucky puppet.

Honestly, I'm not a cost player, but this series has been excellent and more than anything shows the huge amount of work players put into their costumes.

Great series keep it up.


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