Good Bad Flicks: Exploring The Crow City of Angels

Exploring The Crow City of Angels

Another film ruined by production company involvement.

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Thumbs up as always!

I still hold this movie as a cinematographic work of art ruined by piss poor dialogue and direction. I can watch it with mute on and love it but as soon as they speak it ruins the work.
Its one of my earliest examples of how a movie can excel at one thing and one thing only while being an overall failure.

I'm sorry, it sounds like I would have hated it even with more footage. One of the fundamental ideas of the original movie was that some injustices were so great that they called to be avenged on a primordial level- eclipsing even death. The idea that such power- the power to right a terrible wrong- can be not just severed but usurped by someone like Judah that easily- as though the crow were some kind of cockamamie voodoo doll-

That's fucking stupid. That renders the power central to the movie devoid of any sense of purpose. If that was a constant throughout the script, then the script cocked it up with or without an awful edit.

It's not my only problem with the existing movie, not by a long shot. But it's perhaps the biggest one, and it leads me to feel the movie was unredeemable.

Yup, sounds like a much better film than the one we got.

And I'm glad you didn't use the obnoxious music from the game :P

i did hear that part 2 is bad, so i kept my fingers of it anyway. not surprised that the sequel is bad. but hearing that originally it should be this way instead the other, you certainly prefer the first option. but well, thats companies for you. if the first thing sells well, they expect that the sequel must be like the first one to make the same amount of money.
i guess weinstein blames the viewers for not liking the film because he coulndt cash in as much as with the first one.

Never saw the movies, but I did see the t.v series. It was lame.

im noticing a patter with successful comic book adaptations. the most profitable ones are where actors die while working on it. its amazing how many of them had this whether it be accident like this one or drug overdose like Batman.

the lieing about directors cut for home video however should be punished as a crime it is. there should be absolutely no tolerance for deception of customers.

Thank you for this!

Actually, I was wondering something. You briefly mentioned Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. Can we expect a Good Bad Flicks episode about that? I'd love to see it.

As it is right now, I realise it's um. Not the greatest movie ever done. But I actually enjoyed it. Ok, so part of my enjoyment might've been the fact that I watched it in one of those old theaters that had a big audience shaped like a croissant and creaky chairs, and the only people there were just my BF and I, and we managed to sneak in a quickie in the middle.

But I still liked it for what it was, and what it tried to do. And I think is that what it tried to do was a nice indie horror about a silly bunch of kids, with the Blair Witch attached to it in an attempt to cash in on the hype.

In any event, I'd love to hear what you have to say on Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. Pretty please?


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