Cave-In At the Data Mine

It's the little details that make this work, like the label on the crate of the Pokémon couch, and the "ISO-9000 CERTIFIED" nuclear bomb.

Well, if analyzing what I buy and watch really does provide accurate information as to what I would like (not pre-cog purchasing, that'd be dystopian), it certainly saves me the effort of having to go seek it out myself.

Still not as good as browsing a physical store since you never know when you might come across something you'd never think of.

Also I hate it when I click on a link to some weird crockpot diet/conspiracy theory/religous apologetics book that I have no intention of buying but just have a morbid curiosity as to the possible arguments going on in the review section. Then I keep getting suggestions for similar products until I go into my amazon browsing history and delete the fact that I ever checked it out.

I don't like targetted advertising. It's a subconscious reaction. The moment someone tells us we should like something, we start out with a very negative view of it.

There's something about targeted advertisement that I like, namely that it suits my interest; I'd rather watch a Destiny ad than one for dog food. Of course I'm not going to buy Destiny, but at least it looks pretty, so those 5 seconds on YouTube before I can skip the ads aren't as miserable.

If you don't want that recliner, I'll gladly take good care of it!


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