What Can Cosplayers Teach Marketing and PR Pros?

What Can Cosplayers Teach Marketing and PR Pros?

One of the amazing things about cosplay is how cosplayers can serve as ambassadors for brands. Who doesn't love to see something fictional become real right before our eyes?

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I'm interested in seeing the Marvel episode.

Like Liana, I viewed the whole race/gender-swapping thing as a very cynical business move that existed more to stir the pot than to actually do anything meaningful. I grew up in a time when the best I could hope for in terms of media figures who looked like me was Alec Guinness in brownface, and I managed to survive and still enjoy films and find my heroes even if their skin was a different colour. I'm interested in seeing how Liana addresses that through cosplay.

Though editors, if you're listening? Maybe a non-provocative title? I'd like to have a conversation about it with people who actually read it, not step into a shitstorm like that 'plus sized Bioware characters' article comments.


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