8 Classic Videogames Recreated in LEGO

8 Classic Videogames Recreated in LEGO

These eight classic games look even cooler remade in LEGO.

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Some of those are pretty neat. My favourite is probably the Shadow of the Colossus.

I used to love those curvy pieces that the tree branches were made form. Such good vaulting.

I would buy Lego Mortal Kombat.

Well, color me impressed. These must have taken a lot of time and Legos to make. My favorites are a tie between Excitebike, Duck Hunt and Mortal Kombat.

Going through them, the guy at the bottom of the Contra one caught my eye. I just found something about how his lower body was removed to give the illusion that he was immersed in water.

Something about it I found so delightfully, simplistically appealing.

Other than that, the Shadow of the Colossus lego build was pretty cool looking.


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