TGS 2015 - Star Wars Battlefront Hands-On Preview

TGS 2015 - Star Wars Battlefront Hands-On Preview

Battlefront is the Star Wars game you've been looking for.

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B... but i was looking for a new Tie fighter game... you know.. like the one from the 90s? T_T

Joke aside... im not convinced. The last couple of Battlefield games havent exactly instilled alot of confidence into EA and the devs, furthermore i really have to scratch my head about "powerup" weapons and vehicles.

Sure theres alot of nostalgia for an epic battle like hoth... but how will the game hold up after playing the same scenarios a couple of times?

How will the game actually play on non showfloor optimized hardware? The late battlefield titles had been very very buggy...

Also it still doesnt make the fact go away that this is a very very slimmed down version of the classic battlefront games... with the possibility that EA will simply try to sell said cut out content piecemeal to the players through DLC to squeeze asmuch money out of them as possible

You played a demo level and enjoyed it... claiming because of that that Battlefront is THE star wars game people have been looking for is a very risky gambit... lets hope for everyone it pays out. Because im sure EA will find a way to cock it up somehow...

Yeah, still not entirely convinced that this is the game we're looking for. I'll look into it when it comes out and if the reviews are awesome I might get it. But it better be the best fucking game that has ever existed or will exist within the confines of space time to justify cutting out... What, a third of the content from the original games? Content that made the games stand out from the shooters of then and now? Content that made it Battlefront, not Battlefield?

Even if the game dispenses candy and puppies I might still be liable to punch EA in the dick.


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