Logitech G310 Review - Mechanical Keys On-The-Go

Logitech G310 Review - Mechanical Keys On-The-Go

Logitech takes its proprietary Romer-G mechanical switches and slaps them on a bite-sized compact offering.

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It looks pretty cool, but hot damn. Not at that price.

I may have to consider this down the road. A mechanical keyboard has been on my wishlist for awhile and 180 isn't too steep for one I'd like to take out for lan parties. I think I'll have to get a replacement mouse first though. :/

I've been looking into getting a mechanical keyboard for a while and thought this could be a good one but then...

[Quote]The removal of the numpad, however, is a pretty significant change. From a pure gaming standpoint it shouldn't really make a difference - after all, how many times do you use the numpad while gaming?[/quote]

As a lefty I use my numpad instead of wasd, so it's pretty vital.


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