Why Do We Love to Hate Women Like Yaya Han?

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She has a decent amount of success, she's beautiful, she's good in what she does... Do i need to continue?

What's this "we" stuff, eh?

I certainly don't hate women like her and it's definitely not my problem that there are dicks and/or cunts out there doing what they do best by being dicks and/or cunts on the internet.

And I don't really get this type of 'hate' either. It's just a waste of time.

I'm starting to get the impression this whole "controversy" is absolutely staged by the feminist lunatics because they have ran out of ideas on how to stay in the spotlight. I'm going to assume that people in general a. have never heard of this person and b. don't give two shits either way but noooo, it MUST be talked about because it's super important and what have you. As seen in the other thread where users generally went "what controversy?" or "there's a controversy over this??", this is another horrible attempt by the internet feminists to appear important

That's really, REALLY not where the hate is coming from, but keep fighting the good fight, true believer.

Somebody said it earlier, but it's mostly just dudes slutshaming her because they assume (probably correctly) that they don't have a shot in hell with her. Why people slutshame people for not sleeping with them is honestly beyond me, I mean if she's such a whore then all the dudes complaining about her on chans should have a better chance. But no, they don't, because she's a lady who likes to make and wear costumes.

The only real criticism I've seen her receive has been in response to comments she's made (not just on heroes of cosplay) about how important it is to cosplay within your body type. I feel like that's a bit of a silly thing to say when she must surely know what an escapist thing it is to start with. Especially at a non professional level. At some point it just feels like she's holding herself above hobbyists who have the temerity to cosplay one of gamings many size zero heroines while being a size six. And that criticism was coming from said hobbyists.

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