Who Could Star in A Live-Action Little Mermaid?

Who Could Star in A Live-Action Little Mermaid?

What if The Little Mermaid got the Aquaman movie treatment?

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Or just cast Eddie Murphy in all the roles.

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It's funny you should say that, Mister Escapist personnel...look what you guys posted earlier;


No singing lobster though, i'm afraid.

Wait, what?! A fat unlikable woman doing bitchy unlikable things while no one laughs?!
And you didn't suggest Malissa Mccarthy?!
Come on man, its like she was born for this roll! This is her calling! The natural progression from unlikable protagonist to unlikable antagonist!

Bonnie Wright wouldn't be bad. No idea if she can sing though.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher played Ariel in Once Upon a Time and she kinda nailed it IMHO. Say what you will about the shows convoluted writing, but they have some great casting picks for a lot of the Disneyverse

"Little Mermaid" will get a live action movie sooner or later. And I just read that Emma Watson will play Belle in live action "Beauty and The Beast". Such a waste. She'd make a better Little Mermaid and Emilia Clarke would be a better Belle. Oh well.

For some reason I read Titus Burgess as Hannibal Burress and promptly pissed myself.

If a live action Little Mermaid was done why not cast the lady who is Ariel for the play? As in the original play... Sierra Boggess. She has the most amazing voice, she is absolutely gorgeous, and is perfect for it!

So, fancasting is something The Escapist does now for articles?


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