Everest - A Disaster of a Mountain-Climbing Simulator

Everest - A Disaster of a Mountain-Climbing Simulator

Everest is a movie that will make you feel like you climbed a mountain: tired and maybe a little bored.

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So, Touching the Void is the superior true story mountain climbing accident movie?

small typo

"A couple of deaths happen to people I didn't even know WHERE in the movie until they were deceased."

You know I can think of about a dozen movies good mountain survival movies but honestly no I can't think of any just about climbing a mountain, off the top of my head anyway.

I had no interest in seeing this because, and this is going to be a shocker, I think Josh Brolin sucks. Even in the trailer his dialog is just so stilted and wooden. It seems like all of his movies are like that. The only good ones are ones that take advantage of his presence in that way. Michael Shannon is similar in that he can only really play crazy people though hes still a better actor in my opinion. Shannon is at his best in roles where he's just being utterly insane. I don't think its an act either. If you've seen him in interviews he's a real trip.

Brolin is the exact same character in every single role hes ever been in. brutish passive aggressive old guy.


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