Judging By The Cover: Judging Yoshi's Woolly World

Judging Yoshi's Woolly World

Nintendo continues the precedent of littering their covers in detail.

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Very well done.
Although I'm a little disappointed he didn't point out that Yoshi is holding a pink nose, and on the back there is a Yoshi with a pink nose.

Poochie is still in these? Awww.

Green really got the short end of the stick, he's even on a green background, so he might as well not even be there at all. Pink is such a whore.

The backside stole the show in this episode!

Excellent rhymes.

The last bit of poetry at the end just made my day

I lost it at "STOP ME BEFORE I KILL AGAAAAAAIIIIINNNN!!!" That went WAY off the rails.

That was very bittersweet...

I loved the poetry but really miss Rhymedown Spectacular now.

Laughed harder than I should have at the bit with the different colors feeling they got shortchanged on word choice.

Nice poetry at the end. Certainly made me wish the Rhymedown would come back.

The red Yoshi must be the second player.

See how he is just doing his own thing and not being helpful at all by not posing for the cover picture unlike the green Yoshi or alternatively not leaving the screen for a more coherent cover.

It's a problem with co-op platformers where the camera follows only one player when the players like to play the game very differently and as a result, fail to cooperate properly.
One player just wants to get through the levels, but the second player tries to get every collectible and complains about each one they missed and demands that they go back to get it.

It keeps pausing on its own so I couldn't watch it, did anyone experience that or is it computer related

Yahtzee is a very, very disturbed individual.

And very, very funny.


Wow, Yahtzee managed to work in a rhyme scheme cleverly and inoffensively into one of his videos. I actually kind of enjoyed it.
Yes, I'm still mad about those several ZP vids where you force everything through a limerick and confusing me as to whether or not you're supposed to be rhyming, even though you've complained about forcing every bit of dialogue to end in a rhyme.

I like this cover art. Not exactly sure why everything is wool, but it looks so damned fun and (veunturing into The Twilight Zone now) lovable. It looks like box art made out of a still-living dog, but the dog is happy. Or at the least, I'm too convinced he's happy to care.

Now, Mr.Yahtzee, why don't you review/judge the cover of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem? I know you've played it or at least heard of it, and there's certainly a drought of games right now. I don't think many people want a review of Halo 2: 10th anniversary edition or whatever.

[MINOR spoilers ahead]

A unique horror game with a great narrative that knows how to use gameplay to relay exposition, with a mostly-accurate historical setting that messes with the player's head in so many ways, a fun-but-unpolished combat system, well-paced with well-rounded characters, and absolutely BEGGING for a sequel, even a spiritual sequel; since in an odd but fitting and nihilistic way, none of the characters are really important to the story.

You know you have influence, at the least, let the people know of this underrated gem of a game so they can play and replay it for themselves.

I don't really have influence. So besides the above and this statement here: "if you can get a copy of Eternal Darkness for as much or less than whatever the average price of new AAA releases, get it because it's very fun and you might end up going through a 10-hour gaming binge without even noticing", all I can do is post the wikipedia article and a short gameplay vid and hope people are as tasteful as I am; and that a group of sexy ladies come to my home and tell me they really really want to massage my body, all at once.


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