Cross of the Dutchman Review - No Tulips Here

Cross of the Dutchman Review - No Tulips Here

Cross of the Dutchman puts players in the shoes of Pier Donia, a European folk legend remembered for leading a guerrila war against the invading Saxons in the name of love and vengeance.

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I have to admit, this seems a...questionable review, and not actually useful. There seems a pretty big disconnect between what's being said and the conclusion.

For instance, a couple of things are clear from the review; incredibly shallow combat, low enemy variety, difficulty by 'bullet sponge-ness', a disconnect between the art-style and the rest of the game (arguable one), a complete lack of a progression system in a Diablo-esque brawler and plenty of repetitiveness. All that leaves me wondering why on Earth it got a 4-star rating.

Next to that, the positive points are woefully under-explained. You feel heroic and loyal to your people during gameplay? Okay, does it do that then? Why do we starting to 'resent the soldiers'? How, pray tell, does it accomplish telling a story 'bar none', because all that I'm seeing in the screenshots is some static dialogue bubbles and the review doesn't really tell me anything else about it.

So yeah, I can't say this seems to be a good review.


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