8 Bit Philosophy: Are You Authentic? (Heidegger + River City Ransom)

It's deeply true that no one else can suffer MY death. or 100% feel MY pain.
But we *can* talk about how it affects either of us anyway, and thus we can get closer together!
An authentic relationship! Tis a thing of beauty!!!

An authentic relationship! Tis a thing of beauty!!!

If you're interested in that I recommend looking up Martin Buber's philosophy of dialogue. I feel that it really complements what Heidegger had to say about authenticity. Which is sort of ironic as Buber was Jewish and Heidegger was accused of Nazi-istic tendencies.

Personally I'm very drawn to Heidegger's ethics of authenticity and living through acting within/interacting with the world around you. The idea that life is what you do and it's not just about caring but about how you care as well really appeals to me.


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