5 Actors Who Should Do A New Star Wars Movie

5 Actors Who Should Do A New Star Wars Movie

With a new generation of Star Wars about to be upon us, which actors should be cast in upcoming roles?

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If Michael B. Jordan isn't related to the great sporting legend himself, I shall be unreasonably pissed off at you until next lunchtime. I just hope that's something you can go about the rest of your day knowing.

But absolutely yes to the Rinko Dinko.

What no Ron Perlman? Every franchise needs Ron Perlman. Also needs Gary Oldman as scenery eating bad guy, he hasn't done one of those for a while.

Good actors but I feel that the less known the actors are in Star Wars, the better. Besides they already have Max von Sydow filling in for Alec Guiness or Peter Cushing.

I didn't watch the last Mummy film primarily because Rachel Weisz was not in it. I think the role described in the article would be a cool opportunity to include her.

And everything can do with more Alan Rickman. I will let slide that you failed to mention his role as the voice of Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy lol :P

Especially when you said "Rickman can make any silly fantasy into an engaging dive into a fictional person's very real struggle." That's spot-on for Marvin haha

-Yes, I know he was already in The Clone Wars, but, still...
His portrayal of a young Casanova was, dare I say, BRILLIANT.
-Or his time as a Time Lord was, fantastic.
--Even his part in the Fright Night remake was pretty damn good.

Hell, have you SEEN Broadchurch (the BBC version not the 'meh' American one).
I -mean, hell, that should be more than enough to get him SOMETHING!

Also: Jason Statham has the LOOK for Corran Horn.
I would LOVE to see a proper comic/TV mini-series for the book.

Janeane Garafolo as a cynical smuggler that finds she is a force user and becomes a powerful dark jedi.

Peter Weller for no other reason than I've always like him and you just don't see him much anymore. Also, for those unfamiliar, he was the original Robocop.


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