8 Bit Philosophy: Why Shouldn't We Commit Suicide? (Camus + Donkey Kong)


*Absurdly Proclaims Victory!*


Also their is no life after death.... so yeah.... that's pretty pointless....


I just offended someone who probably believes in that oxymoron.

Camus is right, own up the absurdity; but also because suicide is just as pointless as life. At least in life we get cool stuff, like computer games and candy made entirely in a factory.

Then again, anyone taking Kierkegaard serious is kind of a tool, anything he says is religious propaganda, so he never really has a point.

"Why shouldn't we commit suicide?"

Be...cause we've not a single shred of evidence that there's anything for us after death?

Everything we know and understand about the universe tells us that this life is it. It's all we get. And even if there is something after, we've nothing to tell us whether it's better or worse. So callously and pointlessly throwing away ones life in the hope that there's something better after is as irrational as it is moronic.

Not sure what greater philosophical point there is to analyze in this...


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