Guns of Icarus Found Its Success In a Strong Community

Guns of Icarus Found Its Success In a Strong Community

Muse Games has dedicated a huge amount of energy to building its community, which has proven just how effective a popular approach can be.

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I got into this game a while ago after watching some videos of people playing it and it didn't disappoint, however it suffers from that eternal problem with online, teamwork focused games... The morons without mics, especially when they are your pilot/captain...

Aside from that the community in game has always been fun to play with whoever is playing, I think in the many hours I've played there's only been 1 or 2 sore losers which rubs the floor with MOBA communities.

I'd go play some more right now... But currently my version of the game keeps disconnecting from the "node" server which means I can get, at most, 1 round of the game every time I boot it up.

This is one of those game concepts that I absolutely love in theory, but I know that in practice it just doesn't work out. In order to have 4 player team oriented action on demand you'll have to PUG, at which point you'll just be frustrated with the people you get stuck with. If you actually want to play with friends you have to coordinate play times and so on, and you have to be pretty hardcore to get a lot of playtime out of a game when you need certain people to be there to play it.

I just don't want either the frustration of PUGing in a game where teamwork is essential or the obligation of playing the game on a schedule that comes with being part of an active team. It's a game where the gameplay concepts are great, but the way you need to go about being able to play at all isn't.


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