Underworld Ascendant is More Than a Spiritual Successor

Underworld Ascendant is More Than a Spiritual Successor

Spiritual successors are a popular theme on Kickstarter, but Underworld Ascendant is set to be a true sequel to the early 90s Ultima Underworld games.

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I'm really excited about this game. The developers are extremely experienced, and they've made amazing progress in a short amount of time.

Enjoyed U:UW back in the day. The second one not so much and Arx Fatalis was only a decent attempt. Here's some game-play footage UW:A:

I like the chunky, vibrant aesthetic. The FOV looks a little too narrow for my taste, but it's probably customizable.

I want a sequel to Arx Fatalis :/

This still looks pretty cool though, I'll keep an eye on it :)

Looks good but the solution seems a bit scripted. I really hope it is as open as they promise


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