Game Theory: Why FNAF Will Never End

Why FNAF Will Never End

FNAF 4 has been pretty much the only thing you've been talking to me about online for the last eight WEEKS! Well the wait is over because the Five Nights at Freddy's lore theory is HERE! '83 vs '87? We got it. What's in the box? That's covered too. So hold your plushie Fredbear toys tight because we're diving deep into the ending of FNAF...and why it matters so much.

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Curses, I've stayed away on all info on this game outside of the general Trailer stuff. I was able to explain away the fan base as simple insanity. At least it's understandable insanity now.

Since this is a month old re-post a a video back in September this will probably go Ignored, and I'm not going to post on YouTube since this is the the cursed place that sent me down the FNAF rabbit hole.

You're wrong about Purple Man, and you've missed the identity of the 4 most important characters in the game. The phone guy likes foxy isn't a clue to purple man, and the security guards aren't just innocent victims. Phone Guy is more likely the brother, and the other guards are his friends who put the kid in the Freddy head that caused the head crushing failure.

As for Purple man your "First Victim" is a more likely suspect. That scene doesn't look like a serial killer putting a kid in the car, and driving away. That kid is probably the child of the owner from the original store, and he's sad and crying because they've been forced to sell the family business. After all if that kid was the first victim how did he get back in the store if he was picked up, and driven away old-school-pedophile-style as it indicates?

The incident with the employees in suit mode probably wasn't an accident, but rather the child grown up enacting his revenge. Between 197? something and 1983 would be plenty of time for him to grow up. The children are killed because they are the witnesses, but are unable to understand what exactly happened so they didn't tell their parents.

There! Problem Solved.

Now whatever this "World" games is will probably explain it in proper sequence, and I can safely stuff cotton in my ears and ignore whatever information comes out.


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