4 Must-See Films from CIFF 2015

4 Must-See Films from CIFF 2015

The 2015 Calgary International Film Festival has come and gone. Here are four must-see films from the festival.

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Charming, sweet, deep, funny, awkward, determined - these are all words that one could use to describe Ronan in this film.

That's less of a ringing endorsement than it might have been meant to be. Those traits sound like the self-contradictory porridge that a lot of romantic comedy female characters have, making them flexible enough to fill the audience's fantasies while still failing enough to make it through 90 minutes of romantic adventure. I hope it truly is as free of the 'cookie cutter' as the article makes it out to be.

The Lobster sounds like a movie I would enjoy despite hating the concept a lot more than its execution...

Other than that, some of those release dates worry me, especially the "TBA" ones... :p


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