Six Games That Give You Nightmares Forever

Six Games That Give You Nightmares Forever

That sense of unease when going into a uncomfortable place, that shock to the heart when taken by surprise, the feeling of sheer dread when powerless against an unbeatable foe.

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I don't know, several of those games look pretty damn silly. Especially the LSD dream world one.

I know FNAF is supposed to be scary, but the others just look dumb. Anyone else here played any of them to confirm one way or the other?

No Rule of Rose? Its like Silent Hill 2 if you played as the little girl. With a dog and clunkier controls than RE1.

No Missile Command? The desperation of trying to keep cities alive but knowing that ultimately you will fail? Gave the creator nightmares...

Night Trap was many, many things: ugly, silly, campy, frustrating. But scary? Nope. It had a dope opening theme song, though.

I think is probably the most disturbing out of those, as it puts me in mind of an unholy marriage of Moria and Dwimorberg.


I think that Fatal Frame (and some of its sequels) does deserve at least an honorable mention on the list. The notion that not only are there spirits just lurking about but only certain people can even perceive them is pretty scary. The afterlife presented in Fatal Frame is not picnic either with the huge number of tormented spirits. No eternal reward, no everlasting damnation; the method of your death traps you regardless of your moral fibre into an unceasing pantomime of agony.

One game that absolutely scared me to death was the dungeons and dragons game for Intellivision, the sounds always got me, and when you are 10 years old, oh boy.


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