Agents of Cosplay: Monika Lee: Better Know A Cosplayer

Monika Lee: Better Know A Cosplayer

Agents of Cosplay catches up with cosplayer Monika Lee to ask her how she got started and tips for cosplaying.

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According to Wikipedia, she's 22. I wish I had had that kind of drive for my hobbies/career at her age. And that's good advice about the shoes; I know people who stretch out their footwear that way, it's great so long as you don't have leather or something else that might be irreparably damaged.

Wow...some of those pictures she looks like a completely different person. That is some top notch cosplay. I can't figure out which once was the best. Wish we could have seen her in full Yuna gear, because if it's anything like the rest of them, I'm sure it was great.


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