6 Movies That Aren't Evil Dead But Wish They Were

6 Movies That Aren't Evil Dead But Wish They Were

Evil Dead played at my bachelor party, Evil Dead stars my favorite actor, Evil Dead inspired me to direct and star in my own horror film. What I'm trying to get across to you is that Evil Dead is extremely important to me.

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But the talking goat was the only good part of Drag Me To Hell!
Damn movie had almost bored me to sleep by that point, a possessed goat is a great wake up call.

I know a lot of people who would disagree with you on Braindead/Dead Alive, though I've never had the stomach to sit through it (I'm not generally a fan of gore soaked horror films (though I love Alien, Aliens, the Thing and the first three Evil Dead movies) and Jacksons previous film Bad Taste came close to making me throw up at one point), and I Love Dale & Tucker and Cabin in the Woods.

My first exposure to the evil dead series was Army of Darkness, so it was a bit of catching up by the time I saw the original. That said, I agree that there's nothing that quite compares to the original. Hellraiser has the same quality.

Of all the movies on the list, the one I wanted to comment on was Cabin in the Woods: it's a movie that only works at full steam if the viewer understands the language, culture, and history of the horror genre; otherwise it's just a really snarky horror version of the matrix. I also rather detest how the whole ending is basically Whedon just going "you like horror, you're a monster."

Oh, and I totally agree that the modern remake of evil dead was just too polished and lacking in any of the character of the original. From what I've seen of the new evil dead series, it won't have that problem.


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