Week of Wicked Halloween

Week of Wicked Halloween

This Halloween, we'll get you, my pretty. And your little dog, too!

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You say tasty...but i've licked my screen on numerous occasions/badges and all i taste is bitterness, despair and probably something illegal too. What is the RDA in a badge anyway? It had better be FDA approved! Whatever comfort that is to some.


Not sure if intentional, but badges not working yet. Also, typos bolded in red:

Once known as the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, Halloween is not just about gouls and ghosts anymore. It's about horror games and movies, trick-or-treating and tiny candy binges. This Halloween, we are whisking you away to the land of Oz. Follow the yellow brick road, if you dare, and take a journey with us through some of the best scary games, movies, science and comics that this year's spookfest has to offer. Every day through Halloween, a new path will be colored in and open below, leading you further down the rabbit hole of freight. Click each colored section of Dorthy's nightmare and discover where the tornado will take you next. And what's Halloween without a little trick-or-treat? We'll be giving away badges as you make your way through the different sections of The Escapist. Tasty, tasty badges.

This Halloween, we'll get you, my pretty. And your little dog, too!

I always thought the event was in the space of a single day. I always enjoy these events, though, so thanks!

Tasty, you say?

I think I shall be the judge of that!

But yeah, I've really been enjoying the Halloween stuff thus far that has been shown. I even got a few more horror movie choices that are in my queue for later today.

Gotta get all spooky and scary. :D

Oh god, not the rabbit hole of freight. I get enough of that at work.

That's some great art by the way, particularly anime Dorothy and the scarecrow.

...Well, this just got musically Wicked...

Other than that, will Dorthy fall in love with Loki? Or is this labyrinth just one Bowie away from a pending insect imitation invasion?


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